The ASQ offers the following types of certification:

You can download certification applications at

If you want more information about Certification and Recertification processes, read this presentation.

Or, if you are deciding about certification, read Quality Engineers – Why Certify?


To find out more about Recertification, check the .

Simplified Recertification Process

  1. Get your recertification journal (Original!) and the back-up documentation (Copies!) together.
    (The journal was part of the recertification package you received from Milwaukee. The back-up documentation can consist of ASQ section leadership signed meeting receipts, course completion certificates, company letter certifying your employment as quality professional during the certification period etc.,- all things which you collected over the last three years).
  2. Fill out the sections you intend to use for the point claim and attach a copy of your back up material.
  3. Fill out the front page of the journal and summarize the point count as you see it.
  4. Make sure, that you indicate what the certification is for and your certification number.
  5. Indicate the payment method. Please indicate the credit card option for the certification payment (this is the preferred method, as all others are problematic to say the least) and sign as card holder.
  6. Next, get the package to the recertification chair, you can either drop it off or send it to:
    Detlef Blankschein
    438 Winchester Drive
    Waterloo ON N2T 1J1
  7. Once the recertification package is received, the point count indicated by you will be verified through the objective evidence you provided for the point count.
  8. After the verification process was successful, Milwaukee is informed of the finished recertification and they in turn will process the new certificate and send it to you.