Manifestations of menopause in men

The vast majority of our population believe that menopause happens only in women. Many men, when they learn that they go through menopause, come to unspeakable surprise. By the way menopause in men begins even earlier than women, but he usually does not give importance, associating it with age and the emergence of related diseases. In addition, many men are silent about the menopause, as they consider the extinction of sexual desire, as something shameful. 

Menopause, or as another scientific name for menopause in men – andropause is a consequence of age-related changes in the activity of endocrine glands as the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. These glands regulate the functioning of the sexual glands in the male half of mankind. Gradually there is a decrease in the production of hormones. As a result, the testicular tissue is replaced by connective tissue, resulting in a gradual cessation of testosterone production. This leads to a serious disruption of the hormonal balance in the man’s body and to a deterioration in well-being and overall physical condition.

The first symptoms of male menopause may occur after 45 years. In the presence of inflammatory processes of the sexual system andropause may begin much earlier than the above-mentioned age. Also, the early onset of male menopause may provoke the regular use of alcohol or nicotine. If you are familiar with problems with potency, it makes sense to buy drugs at

Main signs and general symptoms

Typically, the decline in sex drive and decrease in testosterone production occurs gradually. Only one-fifth of men experience the so-called instant menopause. It consists of a rapid drop in the level of the testosterone hormone. Indirect signs of andropause are disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Also disorders in metabolism can indirectly indicate the onset of menopause. Basically, male menopause is characterized by the following serious disorders of sexual function:

  • Decline in erectile function.
  • Serious weakening of libido.
  • Increase in cases of premature ejaculation.
  • The occurrence of other ejaculation disorders.

With a decrease in the release of hormones, most of the male organs that are controlled by pituitary hormone gradually begin to change their structure. At the same time there is a replacement of their specific tissue with connective tissue. At this time, some of the organs of the genital system are increasing in size. In particular, an increase in the prostate gland may lead to such a disease as adenoma, in which the gland presses the urinary tract. All this may over time lead to the emergence of such a serious disease as pyelonephritis.

In connection with the above, at the appearance of the first symptoms of menopause man is important to urgently visit the urologist. The doctor after examination will be able to prescribe appropriate treatment or prescribe preventive measures. To restore potency doctors often prescribe this type of medication